Youth @ St Barnabas Church, Swanland

Our youth work is designed in a network by age groups of small groups linked together under the care of a youth leadership team.

In the different groups/activities during the week there is an attendance altogether of around 20 youth.

Groups and Times

Sunday's 10:45am: In the youth venue in church or in the main chapel

Monday 7:30pm: IGNITE CONNECT in a youth leader's home


Sunday mornings at 1045 IGNITE EVENT

On Sunday morning there is a Youth meeting for younger teenagers in the Youth venue during part of the 10:45 service.

Some of the youth also help lead the worship in the main church about once a month (Morning Celebration services - usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month) when the teenagers stay in the adult congregation or help with the children's groups.

Some also are let loose on the sound desk and computer projection facility!








Youth Homegroups: IGNITE


IGNITE is a youth homegroup for those aged approx 11 and upwards and is led by our ace youth leaders. 

The group spends time chilling and chatting, reading the Bible and working out how it affects us, our behaviour and our relationships. We pray for each other and other issues local, national and global. We also eat lots of jaffa cakes!

All the group members are encouraged to participate in, or lead, the meetings. We often spend time worshipping God with music, either live (by us!) or with a DVD / i-POD etc.

But IGNITE is much more than just a weekly meeting. We are good friends and look out for each other. Some of us are part of a worship band which leads church services in worship about once a month, we go to youth events and festivals locally and nationally and we ask lots of sensible questions (and some silly ones...)


 "Recipe for IGNITE: Take One Omnipotent Deity, add a packet of Jaffa Cakes, garnish liberally with Lively Discussion, then Slow Roast with an open fire for around 3 hours on a Monday Night and serve on a bed of Live Christian Music. For best results add sprinkles of Excellent Tambourine Playing where necessary."

IGNITE is a radical and exciting youth group which combines the best music, discussion and foodstuffs with the thrill of learning the meaning of life, the universe and everything. (Hint: It's not 42)

If you would like to join, please contact the church office.

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