Introduction: Welcome


...to St. Barnabas' Church - from Francis Scott (Vicar)

    "Thank you for visiting our website. We are a group of people from Swanland and the west Hull area who are committed to following Jesus Christ - who came to save the lost and heal the broken. Our vision is to share his love through friendship, in our comunities and beyond.

    For more about our building (Swanland's CofE/ Anglican parish church) or our church family in general, please click here.

    We believe that God speaks to us today through the Bible (his inspired word); that he is actively involved in in our lives by his Holy Spirit; and that Jesus’ invitation is for everyone (click here for more).

    For more about our worship and our range of activities for all, click here. If you'd like to visit or join with us, please click here – we’d love to meet you!

    May God bless you in your search to grow closer to him.                               Yours, Francis Scott "

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