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A welcome to St. Barnabas - from Francis Scott, Vicar.


Thanks for visiting our website. We are a group of Christians from Swanland and around the West Hull area who aim to follow Jesus Christ in his desire to save the lost and heal the broken, and to share his love through friendship.


The main thing most people know us for is our building, a Church of England place of worship and multi-purpose venue opened in 1992, set on the east side of the lovely East Yorkshire village of Swanland. Our site now serves the needs of around 150 regular adult members, as well as many youth and children, on Sundays and throughout the week. Many members also meet in small groups (called 'cells') during the week, and we like to think that these are just as much the church - which is, above all, really just the people of God.


We are often described as an 'evangelical-charismatic' church (meaning that we believe the Bible to be God's totally-reliable word, and that his Holy Spirit is a real presence in our lives who helps us to live God's way); more importantly, we believe that Jesus' invitation is for everyone.


Over the years we have developed a number of distinctive styles of worship, ranging from the fairly traditional to the more informal/ modern. All though are of equal importance, as is each member of the church - and each guest.


If you are thinking of visiting or joining us you would be very welcome - we love having guests and try to be hospitable! Do please give me a ring to find out more, or introduce yourself to me or another member of the team when you arrive. We look forward to meeting you!


May God bless you in your search to grow closer to him   -           Yours,        Francis Scott           (Vicar)


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